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Vsc Light On!


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My Lexus GS 300 1998 has succumbed to a problem recently. I had initially thought it was as a result of the cold weather but now I'm thinking there's something more sinister behind it...


ABS light on

VSC light on

VSC off light on

Red Brake light on

and then when the warning lights are on, there is also a very high pitched continuous beep from the dash, at first this would stop and the lights would switch off after a short while when the car was warm but this morning it stayed on even after the car had got warm.... and now is constant.

The brakes sometimes work OK, other times they become very stiff and the pedal cannot be pressed all the way down, the brake seems to work but it is very laboured.

I have read some old posts saying it may be the electronic master cylinder? any help would be very much appreciated!!! is it worth keeping or slinging?

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first thing check your abs rings for any wear or contaminated with dirt,snow etc.

could be a vary of things.

check the mechanical components & get it diagnosed as the lights are all on.

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Does sound like you have the master cylinder issue rearing it's head. It is something to do with the fact they use a nitrogen accumulator rather than your typical vacuum arrangement. As this also deals with the traction control, that is why the vsc light comes on.

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