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Hello fellow Lexus owners,

a couple of days i noticed a sound like rumbling coming from outside the car (06, 220d, 98k miles).

It is mainly noticable when driving over 60-50 km/h but not at all when driving at lower speed.

The noise doesn't go away when I press the clutch pedal so i believe it is not related to the differential.

Could this be one of the wheel bearings? Is it common for them to fail at such mileage?

Thanks and Regards


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I got a shock when I called the local Toyota/Lexus dealer asking for a quote for the front and rear bearing hubs.

Front Right: 491 euro

Front Left: 420 euro

Rear right/left: 401 euro

Glad I was sitting and had a glass of water next to me...

The strange thing is that there is a different part number for the front ones.

Left front wheel hub: Part number, 4356030010

Right front wheel hub: Part number, 4355030020

Is it because there is an ABS sensor in just one of the two (right one) or there is a sensor in each? What else would differ on a wheel hub from one side to the other?

Does anybody know if the sensor can be removed from the hub and installed on the new one?

Any information in regards to hubs would be highly appreciated.



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