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too late - I've got it and it's broken already. 50% of the plastic retaining clips and prongs that hold the bar end fairings have snapped. Just realised it's probably because it's -2 deg C and the plastic is very brittle. I've taped them on with insulating tape for now, but it doesn't look very Lexus. I'll show Teesside and see what they say.

I hadn't expected to get aerofoil shaped bars - which is a nusiance as all my attachments are for square shaped. Presumably it's a Thule though, and I can get Thule accessories rather than paying for Lexus ones?


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For anyone who's interested ... this roof rack has some good features, and it's obviously not a thule as far as I can see from photos on the web.

Firstly when fitted it looks really neat - because it has no sticky out bits. My family think it turns an old man's saloon into a car that looks like it means business.

It is rock solid when fitted - partly because it comes with its own torque wrench, but mainly because the LS430 is designed with 4 little holes in the underside of the roof/door frame, into which 4 studs on the rr clamps fit.

I was worried about how much noise it was going to make as at 40 or 50 mph it sounded like a bunch of owls had roosted on the bars, but magically the noise completely disappears at 70mph

..... now the bad news .... it seems to make the fuel consumption 20% worse and that's without anything actually fastened to it - whew


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