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Bought my 1st Lexus, an LS 400 and loved the engineering standards and sold it after a year in November. There's a GS MK2 for sale in my area (NE10)eaby item no. as above which I've test driven.I'm looking for some info as in the listing it states: Heated windscreen?.Does this model have heated rear seats,squab and backrest,electric folding mirrors,toolkit,1st aid kit etc.It pulls to the left as well as steering wheel wobble which isnt' the way to present a car for sale.It may well be a simple balance and tracking but a bush,ball joint, wishbone or maybe its clouted a kerb in the recent snow and bent summat. Nice car otherwise. Thanks for any comments.

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I'm not aware of a heated front screen, I suspect, because there is a button next to the rear screen demister to put the front screen in to demist mode, they are assuming it is heated. What it actually does is just direct all air to the front screen and side window vents and puts the fan speed up.

My '99 Sport was advertised with power fold mirrors, However, I've failed to get them to fold to date and can't find any switch to do it either, so I'm assuming it doesn't come with them. They are heated, and photochromic so that they auto dim with the rear view mirror.

Rear seats are not heated. Front seats the base and back are heated.

There is a basic tool kit. I suspect the 1st aid kit was an option.

The pull to the left and the wobble could be the signs of a common issue on almost all Lexus, sticking caliper/Slide pins, which if bad enough could lead to a warped discs, but you can get the wobble as a result of the caliper not realeasing properly and overheating. Quite simple and cheap to sort out. It can be other things too, but this is pretty common. Search the forum for binding/sticking/caliper/slide pins/brakes and you will see pages of posts on the subject. There are a couple of links in my signature to tutorials regarding pins/calipers. They were done on my mk1, but the mk2 is the same.

Did you check the heating and stereo LCD displays? The stereo one especially has a tendency to lose segments over the years. Mine has, and is about to get ditched in favour of a double din touchscreen stereo with iPod interface.

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Good response. I've seen a lot on here when I 1st joined about caliper pins etc so I'm ok with the spanners on that sort of thing.I'm going to have another look and see if the sellers had a tyre/tracking test and a good look at the history.Again,on here,I checked the audio pixels and they're ok. You'll have to let us know how and where to do the touch screen update,straight forward swop?. Thx.

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