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Couple Of Tte Supercharger Questions

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Hi guys,

Just a few days ago the screws on my (IS200) TTE supercharger cover went lose and "disappeared" the one you see on the picture just falls out so I removed it as well. I haven't driven the car since as I was curious how it works.

-What kind of screws go in there? I thought I read here it's M5 but they didn't fit or maybe I got the wrong ones....

-What does the cover do? Can it cause me to lose boost? That was the reason why I opened the hood and found the screws missing. I am pretty sure I can find leaks as was suggested in another thread. But since I am unsure on what the cover does, so I didn't want to run the engine.

-If next time something happens with the supercharger how can I "disconnect" it properly? Is it just removing the cable that goes from the engine throttle to the "handle that lets the air from the compressor into the engine". Sorry english is not my native language ;). And removing the belt between the supercharger and the engine

I hope you guys can help.

Bonus questions: (aka I haven't searched for these a lot yet)

- What kind of ODBII cable can you recommend (USB is the only requirement) Most compatible preferred, price is not the biggest concern.

- Can I get a kit / sensor to see the amount of boost? I prefer to get it in a digital way so I can put it in a carputer/super small lcd.

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The screws make the charger spin, thats why youve lost boost if they go the outer ring will spin but not the charger.

i suggest taking the charger off, taping the holes out bigger and putting a more substantial bolt in

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Thx Stav,

Making them bigger is definitely a good idea. With more light I now see the old screws are still in there. This kind of leaves me with the last question. What can I remove to drive the car safely so I can bring it to my brothers garage. (140 KM away)

btw this is Lexus_lee's old IS200. I think I saw you at the exchange in Eindhoven.

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