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Search Function Vs Posting Responses

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I just wanted to give my view on suggesting a user (in particular a newbie) should use the search function instead of soliciting help or a reply from other forum users. "Use the search function" is a very popular response on many forums I have been on and I used to say it myself.

However, I have now stopped saying that as I feel it is more beneficial to get responses rather than refer someone back to previous posts which might well be out of date if there is a newer or better way of dealing with something. Additionally if I do have to go back to doing a search it is far more useful to have more reference threads than less and these reference threads would never build up the reference library if we never got new answers to new threads even if the threads relate to previous requests for help.

Anyone else feel the same? I just find it a little unfriendly just to say "use the search function" .

BTW those that go to the trouble of digging up old stuff for newbies are amazing - just over the last month I have found some very useful info that I'm sure I wouldn't have found on my own so thanks to all of you................ and a happy new year to all :)

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I agree it's better to get a personal response as opposed to a out of date thread.

The forum is a great resource to search but does not always work.... Search egr. In the 400 forum and I get zero subjects? How is this possible?

There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on here who we rely on to help us and thank you to you all. Please remember though that we are not all mechanics and sometimes need some personal help.the forum has been invaluable to me in 3 years of ownership. And I always do a search before posting for help.both ways work.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL..... I'm off to pub now lol


Slightly ******.

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I have to say that a direct response would be best but that assumes that the member with the knowledge is logged in and available to post a reply. I always try and help but always direct the person to the search facility. Or, put another way; do you want the answer/guidence now, or would you prefer to wait a while? A good example is the help and advice from Benfur. Unlike me, Maurice can't be online allday.

Plus the background knowledge is mega from the search facility.

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I always try to help new members out as far as possible either with direct advice or by providing a link and I always welcome them to the LOC

It wasn't that long ago I was a "newbie" and it was the warm welcome and enthusiasm of other members that helped me at the time,it is nice now to be able to do the same in return.

Happy New Year everyone.


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Also can we ask users of the info to report back if it helped and

not just grab the knowledge and clear off!

The more info we get from all, the more money we will save!

Happy new year to all!!

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I'm not joining this topic discussion it's over a year old!!! lol

I've got to agree with RoyT the times we post up solutions then nothing,the US guys seems not to do this so much and I have quite a few dinner and drinks invites from LOC members who I have helped when I get back to Florida some day.

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When we've kicked a topic to death over a week or so then 2 weeks later someone asks the same question?

Forget the search function. I would just go back through post history visually to see if there are any recent topics that ring a bell.

If nothing is obvious then search.

Only then will I ask personally.

I am happy to go into any detail resulting from anyone who has actually tried to get their own answers.

This is a polite site on the whole.

Other sites I use do not suffer fools at all and can be very dismissive!

I also feel if you are hoping for help it is only common decency to open with a self-introduction. Maybe I'm old fashioned (well I know I am an early 50s model)

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I agree with all of the above. In the past I've probably been guilty of posting a question rather than using the search facility, partly because of impatience/excitement/anxiety and partly because a search didn't seem to bring up anything relevant. It was also because of the friendliness and helpfulness of other members, and I wouldn't like that camaraderie to be lost. It's why I log on regularly even when I don't have anything to ask. So far (for the last 5 months) my Lexus has been great, but to be honest I'm sometimes still a bit intimidated by it. And unlike many members, I don't do any maintenance or repairs myself. But the search function IS there to be used, so I try to use it as a starting-point before I ask anything.

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I think it's just a nice friendly site and sometimes it's really good for other members to see what might be troubling others and of course, it's really smart to help out when someone's having a stressful time.

Just carry on the way we are I reckon .... it's good and without compromise, it's a happy thing to do ...... just to help !!!


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