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Hello Everyone


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Good morning all

Next week (Thursday hopefully!) i shall be the proud new owner of a Lexus IS 250 SE-L Auto+MultiMedia+Sunroof in Black. Having been a Toyota owner for the last 6 years and very happy at that, I am looking forward to the 'step up' (sorry Toyota owners!) to Lexus.

This site looks as good as the Toyota forums so I am sure you will be a mine of information as i take my first new steps with the Lexus.

Now, where's my Meguirs 3 Step Paint Cleaner / Polish / Carnuba Wax treatments in preperation for getting my new babies paintwork in showroom gloss condition! Don't worry my Celica was black so I know all the swirls and pitfalls in keeping a black car looking good!

Cheers All


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Welcome to the club Phil, we all know how you're feeling. You will be inundated with requests for 'pics'.

Only 96 hours to go.

Congratulations on your imminent ''new arrival''


Thanks Graham

A nice swift and welcoming response - always the sign of a good Forum! I think you beat the Celica Club forum response when i joined there!!

I'll update when I take delivery and hopefully some pics when she's polished within an inch of her life! Just realised how much longer polishing is going to take compared to the somewhat more 'petite' Celica i've been polishing for the last 6 years. I might even struggle to reach and polish the roof of the Lex considering the roof of the Celi was at about chest level! Can't wait to try though!!!



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