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Wheel Referb , Gs300 Sport Wheels

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just lost the car on the ice and ended up smashing sideways in to kerb, the 2 0ff side wheels took a pretty bad grinding, they werent bad before, though i have been informed one was out of round

what does a wheel referb consist of, can they bring the wheels back to as new condition

is there a decent refurbisher in or near watford or NW london


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Does depend on the extent of the damage. Last wheel I asked about (for my old E36 BMW), they could not repair it, so only way to know is to let them see it.

They should strip all the old paint, fill and smooth out any damage/chips on the wheel, true the wheel (if it is not too bad), primer, paint and laquer. Should look good as new, but it does depend on the place doing the work to some extent. i.e. the wheels on my mk1 Sport had been refurbed by the previous owner, but the paint in the corners between the spokes was a little dimply, so not as perfect as I would've liked. They did still look good though.

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