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Is 300 Service Due Very Soon !


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hi guys,

my is300 is due its service at the end of this month, 51 reg with 83k

two things i would like to ask :-

1) when is the is300 due to have the timing belt changed ?

2) wheres the best place to get plugs oil filters ect

which are the best to get k&n filters ?

ngk plugs ?

i live barking essex not far from london,

having just done my gold menbership does any one know if there is any where i can get discount on these parts

thats near to me ?


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There seems to be a split on when the IS300 timing belt needs doing..... Some say 60k like the IS200 and others say 100k.

Personally i called in and asked at Lexus Sheffield before i bought mine and they said 100k. I got my IS300 in November and it had done 61k but had had the belt done at 60k. Lexus Sheffield had told me it was just shy of £1000 for the timing belt service but the receipt i got with the car from the previous owner shows they had it done at a Toyota dealer and paid £600-odd for the belt and full service.



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ok thanks for the input guys, will give toyota a call in a few weeks need to save up a few pennys 1st lol,

theres one about 30 minutea from me

as for the timing belt that will have to wait and till later in the year, theres a guy that lives a few doors along from me that is a moblie mechanic

will see how much for him to fit a new one if i get the parts less than £70 on eBay will check main dealer before buying tho, (if he can do it that is)

not to worryed about the stemp in service book as i ant looking to sell the lexus for a long time to come,

as long i have paperwork from buying the parts.

thanks again.

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