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Is It Safe To Get Wheels Machined...?

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Looking at new wheels for my IS200, but coming across the same problem everytime. Offset is always miles off because Lexus use huge offset.

I know a guy who runs a CNC machining company. So my question is, can I just stick the wheels on his milling machine and mill off some of the back of the mounting surface to make the offset bigger?

I can't see that this would weaken the wheel as the people who manufacture them must add extra thickness to this part of the wheel to bring the offset down to the quite common figure of 35mm. Because say for example a deep dish wheel has an offset of 35mm, and then you get a 'normal' style wheel which also has an offset of 35mm (assuming they are the same width) this must mean that the 'normal' style has been cast with an extra thick mounting surface to even out the offsets?

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Well worst case scenario 35mm on a 8.5 rim. Which according to the wheel offset calculator I used means they will stick out 34mm further than stock.

I dont mind a few mm past the body work but I don't want it looking like a dragster. Althoug having said that the arches to flare out past the edges of the tyres a bit anyway...I'll have to measure.

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