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Lost Master Key, Final Decision

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Long time reader, first time poster...

Short story, I have lost my master key (with 3 buttons) and have no spare.

I cannot claim on my insurance as my excess is in total £650 (first lesson learned).

So far from reading these forums, I will have too:

Get a new master from Lexus (£140) and have a Locksmith (£240) cut and reprogramme the ECU (thingy). Done, problem solved. However, it costs £380 - straight after Christmas, not cool.

Other than the route I have worked out, is there any other way to get a key (old, new, make it myself) so I can drive the car?

Apparently I cannot buy a blank/spare from eBay and do the start, stop and brakes (you know, the reprogramme routine) and it will work - is that correct?

I can't simply just have a spare cut as you need a master to disable immobiliser - is that correct?

I just want to make sure I have tried every possible avenue before committing to buy (and not drinking for 2 months) a new key. If it helps with tips, im Edinburgh based.

Thanks in advance for your help and any replies are muchos appreciated. Regards, Michael

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I got a blank master key from eBay and got it cut to suit my spare.

Why would you not be able to reprogram a used fob using the door lock/unlock method.

I would rather test these options as they are a fraction of the cost you have shown.

[edit : I clearly blanked you had no spare]

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There's no reason why you couldn't get a blank from eBay, as well as the electrical gubbins inside the key. I did this and it cost about £25 for the electrics and £5 for the blank.

After that you'll still have to pay the bucks if you have no keys/master to cut/programme from.

I think that's right anyway, I'm sure someone will tell you if I'm wrong :question:... But it's a way of saving you a £100 or so.

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buy a ecu and key set with all lock barrels from a scrap yard. all keys and locks and ecu might be the best way to go for a full set of working keys and locks

This is the only way to do it if you have no keys at all, you will have to get the ignition barrel housing as well from the donor car as you will not be able to remove your ignition barrel without the key.


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