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Rumble Noise. Is It The Dreaded Common Brake Issue?

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Hi everyone,

Well I have been reading many threads from the forum and noticed that on the IS200 series, there are numerous problems with people having brake judder/sticking caliper/warped flange and discs.

Well I have always had a reasonable amount of noise from my tyres when going along at any speed, possibly due to the fact of being low profile. One gets used to this.

I have had on occasion the steering wheel wobble possibly due to sticking calipers but this goes away and is irregular.

So after having suffered these minor irritations, I have now noticed a more constant rumble, present at all speeds and does not alter with clutch in or in cornering. All the usual suspects to be honest but have a feeling it is a wheel bearing.

Funny thing is mind, that this noise has only just started after going through a large amount of water (Large puddles in the road after having a lot of rain)

So I do wonder if the water has washed the copper grease out of the brake disc calipers and I might be getting some rubbing noise.

Is annoying so will take this into a garage asap to get bearings/lower ball joints checked for play and then if all is well there will get the caliper sliders greased and see if it goes away.

I might be lucky in that one of the tyres is getting worn and it is causing the noise or a wheel nut is loose but doubt it!

Love the car guys but these front end problems can seem to get one down!

I may take it to my local garage first as although Lexus might well give me a better diagnosis not sure if they will charge for a quick road test drive and check on the ramp for wheel bearing play/anything obvious?

Will let you know



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Hi guys,

Well got the diagnosis from the garage.

Turns out the front right wheel bearing has indeed gone.

Also the front left caliper has been sticking again causing the disc to get hot.

Garage has suggested replacing the caliper as it was cleaned and serviced last time due to this problem so best get a new one to prevent re-occurence. The bearing needs changing also.

My questions are:-

How much would you normaly pay for these jobs to be done. They have yet to get me a quote.

Is it worth going to Lexus to get a second opinion? I know they may charge for a quick road test and inspection but I guess they might be better at diagnosing the problem as the IS200 series seem to suffer badly with brake bind issues and some people on this forum have been incorrectly advised by non Lexus garages to change components which are not at fault and the problem returns/remains etc.

If my brake disc has got too hot over a period of time I may have damaged the flange. Are there any symptoms of flange damage?

Phew thats all folks. I drive my Lexus so carefully and never throw it around. Considering it is a sports motor, surely it shouldnt be giving me failures like this. I mean come on, there are too many people with similar problems out there right and the Lexus IS200 is supposed to be a reliable motor! I do not want to keep on having these problems and the cost to put it right.



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