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I am posting this in regards to not finding this exact problem fix on the internet as of yet. I actually figured out how to fix the sunroof issue on my own by trial and error. Here it is...

On my Lexus RX330 2006, I recently replaced the Battery at a local tire shop. The shop stated that they hooked up a computer to the car in order not to lose the factory settings. Well... that didn't work... I ended up having to learn that the windows and sunroof would need resetting after the reinstall of the Battery. Being new to this window issue, I went back to the tire company and told them what happened; they had no clue. Anyway, I learned how to reset the windows and then tried the sunroof but the sunroof was completely wacky. The controls all seemed backward and it didn't seem to close properly. I looked all over the internet and tried many different techniques but to no avail. I finally learned that with my system, there is two different controls to try as most posts inform you of one switch to work with (the open and close not tilt).

In the 2006 model RX330 there is an open and close switch (one touch) and a tilt switch. I kept trying the open and close switch in many different fashions trying opening and closing the sunroof. Holding the close switch for an elongated amount of time as to let the sunroof do a full cycle actually fixed most of the problem. To my surprise the one-touch and the exact closed position was still in operable. As it turns out, holding the tilt button closed for a full cycle completely cleared the problem and now the sunroof works correctly. What I am not sure of is if the tilt switch initially would have cleared the whole problem or if you would have to do the open close switch one full cycle first then hold the tilt switch one full cycle is the correct way to do it. In any rate, it works well now. If anyone else can expand on this then others might be able to benefit from this post as well.

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