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Newbie! - Help Please :)


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Hi all, This site looks as if it has some pretty useful members, hopefully I can get a little help.

I bought my Lex on Thursday (Got a bit excited and had cash in my pocket), Then got home and got the

bank account pretty abused by the insurance company :(

Decided to take her on a 250 mile round trip, and subsequently got the bank account more abused at the

petrol station :(

I have one small (i hope) problem, and that is my Lex doesnt like to play CD's. She is fine with radio

but ask to play a CD and she goes on strike.......can anyone help please??

I have owned BMW's, Audi's and the accustomty Scoob, But this Lex is by far the best drive, I never

realised how good they were until now......why didnt one of you guys let me in on the secret!

My link

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Hello,welcome to the LOC and congratulations on your new purchase.

I think the majority of members on here own IS200s or variants of so there should be plenty of help coming along soon.

I'm not familiar with the IS sound system but seem to remember there have been problems with them with various error codes coming up for the CD changer,getting them repaired is not easy as no-one seems to do them but a lot of owners have replaced the existing system with after market setups which works out cheaper than trying to sort the original.

Which ever way you decide to go it will need yet more help from your bank account lol.

If the IS uses the Pioneer system with the cartridge for the discs the discs normally go into the cartridge with the playing side facing up unlike conventional system where it is label side up.

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don,t think so. just go for a stereo you like. although you would be wise to do the facia mod. the facia kit you buy comes in a mottled effect. you need to sand it down and spray it to match the dash of your is. it,s very easy to do, have a search on here if you decide to go with a new stereo. double din stereo,s look better imo

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Thanks for the reply's everyone it is much appreciated, The car is at my partners house (as I dont posses a garage) And if i had it here I would drive it everyday, and I'd rather keep it as a weekend toy. I will look to find error codes etc and report back ASAP, again Thanks for advice and help.

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