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My Is200 Sport

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Hi all, This site looks as if it has some pretty useful members, hopefully I can get a little help.

I bought my Lex on Thursday (Got a bit excited and had cash in my pocket), Then got home and got the

bank account pretty abused by the insurance company :(

Decided to take her on a 250 mile round trip, and subsequently got the bank account more abused at the

petrol station :(

I have one small (i hope) problem, and that is my Lex doesnt like to play CD's. She is fine with radio

but ask to play a CD and she goes on strike.......can anyone help please??

I have owned BMW's, Audi's and the accustomty Scoob, But this Lex is by far the best drive, I never

realised how good they were until now......why didnt one of you guys let me in on the secret!

Pics of the Lex

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I've only had mine for a week or so, but I too had a problem with the stereo. Mine didn't give an error, it just wouldn't let me load any cds. I took it apart to see if there were any jammed cds in there, but there weren't. I ended up buying one from eBay, it arrived today but after fitting it wouldn't play cds either! I took it apart and it was an easy fix luckily enough - the plastic cd drawer thingies were jammed.

I think a common fault is the cds getting jammed so I'd definitely have it out and apart to see if that's the problem, or you may have the same problem I had with the latest one which is an easy fix. If you decide you can't be bothered with it and just want to buy another one, be careful as different players have different connectors at the back. I can tell you for sure that the 13903, 13906 and 13909 players are all interchangeable, and the 13905 players have different connectors so they won't work unless you're a dab hand with wiring. The number of your player is just above and to the left of the screen.

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Not wishing to insult but should we start with some basics. :blush:

Are there any discs in it to play ? It's a 6 disc changer and you have to 'load' them in it first.

Not just shove a disc in the slot - that won't work.

Press the 'Load' button briefly and lights at end of slot go green and should then tell you to load a disc.

Only then stick the disc in the slot.

Sorry if that's obvious but thought best check as common error to just shove the disc in the slot :unsure:

Hope it helps.


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Thanks for the reply's everyone it is much appreciated, The car is at my partners house (as I dont posses a garage) And if i had it here I would drive it everyday, and I'd rather keep it as a weekend toy. I will look to find error codes etc and report back ASAP, again Thanks for advice and help.

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