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Ignition Switch Surround Light

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Hi The illuminated surround light on the ignition switch of my LS400 (1998) has gone out. I have tried the forums but I am probably not putting in the right words.

It is not top priority but I like everything to work. Is it a simple job to replace the bulb(s) ? Any help much appreciated.

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Below is the tutorial for the earlier LS400 so yours should be similar,the tutorial shows replacing the bulb with an LED but of course you can simply replace the bulb with a bulb of the same type.

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Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your advice. I finally got around to doing the work yesterday - Maplins did not have the bulb (out of stock) so got

it from Halfords (Halfords part no:284 - 12V 2.3W). Fairly simple job. The Mk 4 configuration very similar to the earlier model illustrated.

Re-assembly a little tricky but the whole job took about seven minutes. Would have liked an LED but could not find one - maybe later.

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