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Over the last few weeks i'vew noticed that my is220d has become very sluggish on take off, until it hits the turbo.

The mpg are not great either,

I use my car for going in and out of work, so only small trips.

I am thinking it could be the erg valve blocked or something to do with the air flow?

There are no lights on the dash.

Anyone got any other ideas?

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egr valvles do need replacing on them due to crappy fuel, especially Tesco fuel

However, i suspect its more turbo lag, 220d's are renowned for it.

The fuel may be down to you boosting the turbo to get past the lag.

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Greetings from Bulgaria.

I have the same issue. The car is clumsy and sluggish. When I try to accelerate it stumbles untill it hits 2500rmp and the turbo is on. The engine often turns off when it is cold and I should turn it on again and again. When the car is cold I should pump on the acceleration pedal several times before release the clutch and the car moves or it will turn off. No warning lights on the dashboard. Will try to clean the EGR tommorow. Please give me any advice.

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It was very dirty EGR. The guy who was repairing the car told me he had the similar problems with EGR valve and he closed it. Just put a small thin metal between EGR tube and the valve itself and the car waked up. All you sould do is to unskrew two studs on EGR tube and slide a small metal between tube and valve. The difference it obvious and significant. Nothing happend with the computer no warning light neither any errors. For all of you who want to try just know that the EGR valve in this engine could be bypassed without any errors.

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