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Gs300 - Wheel Offset And Stud Pattern

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Hi All,

I've signed up to ask a few questions on behalf of a friend.

He has a GS300 Sport Mark 1 (I think it's a 1997?) and recently hit a very large pothole resulting in a cracked rear alloy wheel. He has looked in to replacing the alloy for a factory standard one (to match the wheels he has on the car) but apparently they are very expensive and extremely hard to come by.

He has decided that the best idea would be to buy four after market alloys for the car as it'll work out cheaper but he has no idea what the Stud Pattern or the Offset is for the original alloys and has asked me for some advice.

Would anybody be able to shed some light on the PCD and ET?

Alternatively, does anybody know of some decend 18" factory standard GS300 sport alloys for sale?

He's quite keen to get this sorted ASAP as it'll mean he can drive the GS300 again as opposed to the wife's car!

Any help will be gladly appreciated.



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I think the offset on the 10" rears were 46, but the offset would depend on the size of the new wheels and how you want them to sit in the arches.

Thanks for the reply.

I don't think he wants them to sit inboard but conversely he would not want the wheels to sit outside of the arches.

He is after some 18" alloys but I don't know how wide they are...

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Use the link below to compare wheel specs compared to the standard wheels. You will then be able to see how the offset and width will effect where the front face of the wheel will sit, or if they are likely to catch the arch or struts (you would need to measure the physical gap on the car itself to know what tolerance you've got in either direction).


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