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I would like to know where i can find information regarding the interior air flow exit areas.

I know that there are rectangular exits within the rear corner bumpers with a rubber opening flap and also air exits from the boot lid hinges when the boot is open. But I would like to know where I can find further information on this or a diagram or something.


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Hi Roger

Thanks for the links.

I problem I have is exactly the same problem you posted.

The cabin generates air pressure or a buffetting noise and this is because (as I have tested it) the air release values (or one of them) is 'flapping' as the air exits the vehicle.

These exits are located either from the boot or from under the corner of the rear bumper (one on either side). A bit tight to get to, but they are just in fingers reach.

I tested this by moving the car to a quiet location (preferably a garage), switching on the ignition, turning the fan on lowest speed making sure the fan was set on air intake and not re-curculate, closing all doors and windows and standing outside of the car near the corners of the rear bumper. You can hear the plastic rectangular flap quite clearly flapping about. By sliding your hand up between the bumper and car body you car raise the valve and this clearly cures the fault. Thing is, how do you cure it permantly?

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As a temporary fix working from the boot I simply folded the rubber flap and tucked it into plastic grill. If my memory serves me correctly I think I could only get at the one on the nearside as the offside flap was obstructed by a box of electronics. This temporary fix helped but it didn't fully cure the problem. However, this was 18 months ago when I'd first got the car; now I've got used to the noise and I no longer notice it much. Also when my car was in for a service the IS loan car I had was exactly the same so presumably it's a 'feature'. I guess these very minor noises are only noticeable because the car is generally so quiet. Fortunately, unlike some on this forum, I've only had the very occasional creak from the windscreen in cold weather and I've had none of the other squeaks and rattles that mainly seem to affect the earlier cars. Generally I'm very pleased with my IS250 and I can't think of any similar car I'd rather have at this time.

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