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Lexus Is 2.0 Se

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Hello Everybody

I have been looking for a new car for quite a while and have a limited budget of £5,000.

I recently had a test drive in a 2002 Audi A4 and found it a very comfortable car, however I have received mixed reviews on that particular model.

Today I was lucky enough to find a Lexus IS 2.0 SE available for £4,999 on a 54 plate but have no experience of Lexus.

It has more features than the Audi and in my opinion is a better looking car. It has done around 63,000 miles and looks in good condition.

Please can you advise as to the reliability of these cars and anything I should be looking for when viewing it.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Best Regards


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This has been the best buy i have ever made - bought a 54 plate is200 LE - all the extras - bit heavy on fuel but worth the cost all things considered. Parts are very cheap. the car is easy to work on. Bought mine at 64k in August last year and have put almost 11k on it up to now - no issues at all. Have just got a squeeky wiper joint and thats it!

Its a very good buy and highly recomended. I would recomend a cam belt change though. Recomended interval is 1000k or 6 years which ever comes first. Mines in next week to have this done and costing £280 and thats dealer prices which is very reasonable.

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