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Rx Reversing Camera Question

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Hi Guys, I've recently come back to the Lexus family, with a 2008 RX350 - fantastic machine.

One question though, the reversing camera when used at night seems hell of a grainy and almost "flickery" if that's a word, certainly compared to the one fitted to the slightly older Mitsubishi that I've just got rid of.

Do you regard yours as grainy and rather poor in low light?, or does it sound like I've got an issue with this one?

Thanks, and it's goood to be bad !!


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You are quite right---the camera does seem grainy at night. The reversing lights on my RX400h also give little illumination when using the camera to reverse.

As I am a "two footed" driver (one for the brake and the other for the throttle) I find that applying just enough brake pressure to turn on the brake lights helps a bit.

I also keep a piece of tissue in the door pocket as I find that in wet and bad weather the rear camera lens picks up a lot of dirt which obscures the image somewhat. A gentle wipe with a piece of clean tissue helps. You might try giving the lens a good clean---but be careful that you don't scratch it. Try using a camera lens cleaning cloth and possibly some lens cleaning fluid to get it really clean.

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Your camera sounds pretty representative; in the dark the reversing lights illuminate the back bumper a bit but otherwise the prince of darkness is abroad...

Part of the problem is a light deflector within each reversing light cluster. It can be removed without too much grief, and certainly improves the light from mediocre to merely poor. Discussion and how-to from this link:

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