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New Is 220D F Sport

andy rich

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My new lexus is 220d f sport has got problems with its heating/cooling system and idle problems. Lexus have had 3 attempts to fix (new engine thermostat fitted) but have had to raise a issue with lexus tech department as they do not have a fix. This is not just my car that has a problem but the other 220ds that were supplied with a new air con system also have the same problems as mine.

I have been waiting 3 weeks for them to sort the problem but as yet nothing.

The car takes ages to warm up (up to 30 miles on a very cold day) and if stuck in trafic or driving round town when engine revs are low the engine cools off. This causes the engine revs to rise to 1200 rpm at idle which in turn makes the fuel economy very poor ( worst 19mpg when stuck in trafic for an hour) but average 28mpg on a tank doing mixed driving conditions. It can not be doing the engine any good driving it cold all of the time and im sick of having to dress the family up in coats just to go on a trip to the shops.

I expected far more from a company like lexus and wonder who else has raised this issue with lexus, as there must be more people with the problem. It just affects the diesel model as far as I am aware. Andy rich

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