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Hi all, I need to get some, contacted Lexus and they told me to look in the owner's handbook because there are different types but I can't find the bloody thing to save my life!

It's an LS400 UFC20 1996.

Many thanks!


Theres no great issue with PAS unlike with ATF so you can use any good PAS. However, if its leaking from either the reservoir or the pipes under the radiator, use cheap stuff until you get it fixed.

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and if it is leaking, fix it now before it gets too bad.

Mine leaked a bit; topped it up.

Leaked a bit more; topped it up. etc etc


Dumped it all in one go.

a new "o" ring and replacement pipe will take you no more than an afternoon or so.

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You would know if it was leaking badly - it dumps most of the fluid on and around the alternator and you would eventually have a patch below where you normally park. However, it may have just started so the tell-tales might not be there yet. If its the cooling pipes, there may be signs on the front cross member in front of and below the rad. These pipes are prone to rusting.

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