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Geometry Set-Up Required


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Hi folks...

Does anyone out there know of anywhere that I can get my IS200se geometry set-up, to the WIM settings, in or around the Glasgow area??

I've been using a guy for the past few years and I've had the car back at him twice and on both occasions he has told me that he has dialled the car in to the WIM settings but once again I'm needing another set of tyres due to excessive tyre wear!!!

I'm looking to try somewhere else and if any one out there can recommend, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance folks and I look forward to reading your replies.

Thanks again...

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The website is saying the place is called Seafield Services in Leith, Edinburgh.

Has anyone had previous experience with these guys setting their cars up to the WIM settings and know what they are like??

All opinions more than welcome...


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i go to clcm mate best in scotland also ive got a few other members to use him and they all agree hes good!!he uses the same machine as wim hes always busy with lotus's astin martins bentlys he has the contracts for them all along with merc bmw etc

wim £110 clcm £50 wheel alighnment is all he does...

bankhead drive

sighthill industrial estate

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Thanks for that Ormi, I'm going to check them out next week.

Anyone else out there with any recommendations for somewhere reliable to get geometry settings done in or around Glasgow area???

Thanks in advance...

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Hi Ormi

I'm going to book the car in to CLCM next week!!! Sorry if you think my last post was ignoring you and looking for something else. It certainly wasn't meant that way.

I'm just curious to know where else everyone uses. I've read up a bit about Willie at CLCM and he would appear to know how to set up the cars according to the WIM settings so I'll be heading there hopefully next week...

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I had my car setup at STS tyre pros a while back, these are a big chain with many branches over the country. They also have an agreement to setup to WIM settings.

They phoned up Tony Bones for the settings and set the car up.

The guy who did it saaid to me that they had recieved a manufactures update a year or so ago and now there settings where almost the same as WIM, they had a corghi alingment machine.

It seems that now the IS 200 300 is older Lexus have quietly agreed that WIM settings are best for the car, so anyone with upto date settings should be ok to use.

Kind regards


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Iv'e used Wullie at CLCM twice, on Ormi's recommendation, and the guy knows his stuff. Car felt totally different on the drive home. Much more planted and my tyres are wearing evenly as they should. Take a wee drive through Marky, you wont be disappointed.

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