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Is200 Wipers

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I have just had a fault develop on my car - first one since i bought it - its a 2004 is200.

Last night the windscreen wipers started to make a squeeling noise - i must admit that with all the snow and rain we have had lately that they have taken a batterring. The noise seems to be coming from under the black plastic cover within the engine. I have had a quick look and have narrowed it down to this area. It is not the wipers on the windscreen as when lifted off the glass the noise is still apparent.

It got dark too quick tonight to have a good look but it looks like it is coming from directly under where the wiper comes out of the engine bay in one of the rubber gromets -

Are there any servicable parts there - i have sprayed for the time being with WD40 but no luck? Has anyone else had any issues like this ?


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look at my post, I have just been told that water is slowly leaking through my wind screen and has corroded a main fuse board in the foot well (drivers side)... whilst you are working in the front area of your wind screen, check the seals round the wind screen.... to make sure this doesn't happen to you ... just got a quote of nearly £700 !!

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