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I'm A Lexus Virgin


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today bought a year 2000 is200se auto in slate grey?, with 90k miles.....

after selling my golf v5

have i done the right thing ooh er....

already found a couple of things the owner 'forgot' to tell me about

1;the catch on the petrol filler has snapped,so it won't lock..

2;the cigarette lighter assembly is all looose..

3; a slight knock from nearside rear over bumps?

4; only 1 key, it is the master key though.

5; it feels a bit gutless low down,

but saying that i like the looks,and the toys,

its history is patchy,but was told that cambelt was replaced

at 60k....can i check this?

but apart from that, very good nick.



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right took the car to my mates garage

he is gonna take a look tomorrow

to see what the knocking is?

its the frontnearside not the rear

as i had first thought.

is this a common prob with the is.?

i've heard that the front end does suffer

on this model.



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