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How Can My Is250 Go That Fast?

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I have an IS250 US import, I bought it from a dealer in my country, the car feels completely new

and has, what it says 26000km on it. The thing is, it feels really quick, quicker than the is250s i've tested.

0-100 in about 6 seconds with two people or more in it. Also when testing, a big pull comes after

like 50km/h. Like some turbo kicks in. Really strange. It does 0-200 meters in about 8 seconds.

Recently when I kicked the pedal it went from almost standstill to 80km/h not sure but around 4 seconds.

See a few clips here:

Some more clips:

So, could any experienced engineer here explain to me why this is? I've read that there are almost no

turbos or supercharges on the market for IS250. And if such very expensive what i've heard.

Perhaps something is wrong with the instruments. I will test this with another car. Its great to have

that boost but scared that the engine will blow.

I'm not good at engines at all so it's no way I could tell, after talking on other forums and comparing

engines we're sure its an 250 engine, but could the turbo been hidden away somewere?

Thank you!

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