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Planning To Buy `994 Celsior


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I am new to the Lexus club and I am planning to buy a 1994 Celsior.

I dont know anything about Lexus cars just that I have seen a friend of mine driving a Lexus and got attracted to it.

This car, I am planning to Buy looks great, drives smoothly with 150K on the dash board.

I checked the engine from out side and it doesnt have any leaks.

I am not sure, what else to look for in this car.

Any suggestions on what I should be looking for would be a great help.

Also, I am planning to buy this car for $3200. I am not sure if the car is value for my money.

My email is

I want to buy a Lexus for sure, but not sure if its a good idea to buy Celsior than a LS400.

Steve: Thank you for setting up this wonderful forum.


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Hello and welcome to the UK LOC.

I own a 1994 Toyota Celsior here in the UK.

Bear in mind these are all right hand drive models and the speedo normally displays KMs not miles unless converted.

There are some in Canada for sure and they are popular in Australia.

Cosmetic differences include some models having velour seats instead of leather,no sun/moonroof and most models have traction control,the top range also has massaging rear seats and rear aircon,folding mirrors were an option.

If you want more information I would post your questions on the US LOC as the members there will have more input regarding the Celsiors.


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