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I'm about to bite the bullet and strip the streo to attemp to fix the backlight issue.

Does anyone have access to clear instructions for removal of the unit? I can find these for MK's I, II & IV but not III and yes, they are different. I have Googled as well as searching on the forums.

Further, am I likely to have an issue with security codes? Having had the Battery off before, I've never had to enter a code when reconnecting, but will removing the stereo trigger some issue or other?

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I know this is probably not much use, but I know that if you take the vents above the stereo unit as well, you can swap the MKIV kit into the MKIII. So, the stereos themselves cannot be that different - the mounts must be the same etc. I would use the MKIV guide as a base and go carefully! I've not had any problems with security codes with the stereo in the MKIV. Again, that might not be much help.

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Take a look HERE, is that what you're after?



Excellant stuff. It was the vents that concerned me, I've had the rest out before.

It wasn't quite as straight forward as the guy in the link states and I spoke with our very own Benfur. I will eventually post the pics I've taken but in the meantime:-

The MKIII vents are held by 4 clips, 2 at the side level with the clock and 2 underneath in line with the little handle for directing the airflow. I struggled with the side clips for fear of breaking something so I had a go at the bottom pair and bingo. The side clips were a doddle then.

There's a MKIV pictoral in this link which pretty much covers the rest.

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