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Is200 70K Service Costs


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Hi Folks

Could you give me a rough idea of a reasonable service cost on the IS200 Sport - 70K service?

I've had:

£282 (Lexus dealer 1)

£195 (Lexus dealer 2 - 20 miles from Lexus dealer 1!)

Dealer 1 blamed their labour costs, but dealer 2 said it's only an hours work so labour costs don't really come into the equation!

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phone a toyota dealer..they will be cheaper...

dont use dealer 1!! their is set prices for servicing its not done in labour hours

service=set price and time

repairs=by the hour

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as Ormi said contact toyota... i had my 70k service done for £100 at toyota :)

You all are so lucky as Toyota in my area quote the same as Lexus.

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