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Ipod Interface For 2004 Ls 430 (54 Plate)

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There's quite alot on the forums about the various bits of equipment for sale that would allow me to use my Ipod in my 04 Lexus LS430. I'm not technically minded and would need some guidance as what works best, who could intall for a sensible price in the London area and what are the potential problems?

So here are my questions:

I've read that sound quality can be patchy with certain bits of kit? Any views on that?

Do I lose the use of the CD changer?

Do Lexus supply any OEM interface?

There's loads of information of the forums but I need someone to distill it for me into simpleton language that even a Luddite like me will understand.


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I would suggest Dension Gateway. That's what i use in my IS250. You can take a look here: - that's where i've bought it from.

This gateway allows to control and browse your iPod and USB memory. Installation is very easy, you can do it even yourself, if interested - let me know, i'll tell how.

Minus - you will loose your CD-changer. Though you can get a CD router and in this case CD-changer will also work. But i have not bought this router, i'm just listening to ipod.

hope this helps, cheers.

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