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Headlamp Washers


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Hello my fellow LOC members.

Once again it falls unto you and your mass of knowledge to help me AGAIN.

I went to my car today to pick up the Missus and I find the Offside (Drivers side) headlamp washer/cover missing.(the plastic bit that sticks out of the bumper)car is a sport model 2002/3 btw.

I assume its MIA as I couldn't bear to think that ANYONE could be so dishonest as to half hinch it.

My question/questions fellow members are...

1. Is this item replaceable on it own or does it have to come as a complete unit?

2. Where am I likely to pick up said item without taking out a second mortgage?

The usual fleabay just throws tacky chrome windscreen washer covers at me.

I thank you all in advance for the following flood of answers and assistance. Ha ha ha! ;)

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Ok so I ordered a new headlamp washer from Lexus Leicester. £17.85 plus VAT and colour coded.

I'm just hoping that where it detached from is high enough up as to not require the washer actuator too.

That is another £211 plus VAT. YIKES!!!

Got myself a new original gear knob while I was there £36. Which is a little steep but I like the chrome sphere. And I have been trying to find a decent replacement for sometime now. Being unsuccessful OEM will suffice. :)

Thanks Guys.

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Ok back again.

My worst fears confirmed.

Top of actuator snapped so need a replacement actuator.

I pretty sure in this ere forum I read that you can undo the top of the actuator instead of removing the whole lot you just replace the top.

Obviously Lexus won't allow me to buy just the top of the actuator soo...

I need to replace the offside (drivers side)bearing in mind I'm thinking of swapping tops only. If I come across a nearside actuator. Would I be able to use the top from this or does it differ from drivers side?


You can swap the tops of the actuators with no issues as it's only the mounting bracket that differs.

I ended up taking the front bumper off as I have a fibre glass front bumper and nothing bloody fits right in it.


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