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Lexus Warranty Nearly Up

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my lexus warranty comes to an end in april , they have contacted me to say if i want to renew it will cost £760 for 1 year,and funny enough and quite how they got my details WARRANTY DIRECT gave me a call they could give me as good a warranty which any work that may occure could be done by lexus or a garage of my choice for £450.SO HAS ANYBODY have any advise on Warranty Direct as appossed to lexus apart from the obviouse in price.regarding how promt in getting you back on the road ect, if a claim is long winded ect. ect. thanks in advance

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Dont know much about warranty direct, but i would stick with the Lexus one to be honest, mine is due soon, and i'll not be looking at any others. Just a no hassle warranty, im sure other warranty companies will use small print somewhere to make claims awkward.

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I went for the Lexus warranty in Feb and it is the best choice I could have made. I had a problem with the fuel economy back in Feb which has turned out to be a head gasket problem, Lexus took the car and are sorting it under warranty with no issues. They deal with the paperwork and claim, you just hand them your car and wait for its return. Plus you get the breakdown cover with all the benefits it has to offer. The only limitation is the warranty will only cover your car up to 140,000 miles. In regards the Warranty direct offer, it would be worth checking the policy on a like for like basis and see what the differences is if any. One of the benefits for me with the Lexus offer is the European cover which includes overnight hotel cover. You could do it using the AA separately or one of the other breakdown companies but you will probably find the cost close to the Lexus offering and you will have to deal with two companies. Bottom line it’s what suit you and your pocket best.

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