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Re: Is220D Alloy Wheels Fitment


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ive receently bought a lexus is220d 2006 in mesa red (nice :o) )

i have standard 16" alloys and would like some 18" alloys, ive had a look at some rx300 alloy wheels and was wondering if they would fit my car, im new to this place. seems like the best place to join in for advice and support

please please can anyone help

thanks loads


p.s the size for alloy wheels off rx300 are (i think): 235 55 18 (tyres), 5 X 114 PDC, 7J


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Hi chap.

Don't know if those will fit, another more knowledgable member might shed some light on that.

You could fit the wheels off the sport model, those are 18", but I have tried to get a spare set for mine and they seem quite hard to come by.

I was quoted £831.90 at lexus parts direct for a pair of 18" wheels for the rears, don't know how much for the fronts. Seem quite expensive to me!!

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Hello ibruxxx.

Here in Italy we have omologation on IS220D for these measurements:

front. 225.40R18

rear. 255.40R18

I don't remember the ET (Offset) of suggested wheels for this car,

which is very important to decide if the wheel+tyre will risk to touch or not some parts of body of car during


If the ET of that set of wheels is the same of original sets of IS220D 18" wheels, u are sure that they works fine,

if it's more little...should be not sure..and u should check one of them on the car before buy.

Anyway 235 mm largeness seems little measure behind, and big in front off the car, in my opinion.

Remember anyway that with 7J canal u'll be not able to install tyres more large then 235 mm...

for this u need almost the original 18" wheels for this car.

On my car i have measurements i told u above, with 8J wheels and 40 mm Offset (ET). U can see pictures of them in the topic "Engine tuning on Lexus IS220D". they works fine even with 30 mm shorter EIbach springs...and the offset could be also little then 40...i think 30 minimum should be good, and the wheels should be more near the border of body of car.


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the wheels should fit, but the tyres would need changing, I have seen people with IS220/250 wheels on IS200, and rx wheels on is200, so no reason rx wheels wouldn't fit is220/250, unless i'm missing somethin

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