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New Member :) 99 Is200 White


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hey everyone

im ricky and based in spalding lincolnshire.

have always had a huge love for jap cars in white

previous cars are in my sig pic, mr2 and celica gt4

my girlfriend an i are expecting our first child anytime soon (due 24th march)

so my sensible baby carrier is a white is200 navigator.

love the car, already has a club sticker on the windscreen so unsure as to whether anyone recognises it.

i have the dreaded err3 on the stereo so will be replacing hopefully soon to something packed with features but not looking out of place. also whats peoples opinion on updating the lexus sat nav or buying another unit (tom tom etc)




thanks in advance


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Good choice going for a IS200, I went for a one, as my old mint MR2 mk1 become to impractical. But i am considering getting a mk2 for a project (summer) car.

Anyway welcome to the club.

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Welcome to LOC! Nice car, wonder who's it is, the white ones are super rare so it shouldn't be too hard to narrow down, only members I can remember with white cars were Matt (the Monster) and Robs Lexx but can't remember what his looked like.......

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Have emailed stav and should have the sat nav next week. Won a Sony unit on eBay earlier. Apart from looking awesome built into the housing what are they like to use.

So far has always been a pleasure to drive. So really looking forward to finding a nice double din headunit.

Am trying to avoid the temptation of coilovers. Love the look and the ride it gives.

Thanks for the welcome guys

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hello & welcome to the forum.

thats a nice white lexus.

im sure i seen that on pistonheads a few months ago? its got beige interior.

they look brill in white! :winky:

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