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Sat Nav Cd Unit For Ls400 Mkiv

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Hi folks.

I haven't been around for a while, mainly as I've been stupidly busy and all's been well with the car. And here comes the "but". Went to adjust the clock today and the menu won't come up as the sat nav cd unit in the boot has been playing up for a while and now seems to be completely shot.

I just keep getting a message to check the disk. I've tried the old disk and the one we bought about a year ago and still get the same problem. Tried it without the disc, with the unit unplugged and that stopped everyting connected with the audio/climate doing anything at all.

I suppose I need another cd unit in the boot? Anyone got one or know of one that's for sale please?

Oh, it's a 2000 LS400 MkIV.

Alternatively, is there a way of getting all the other bits to work without the unit at all? I'm not that bothered about the sat nav as we have a tomtom which is far more up to date anyway.

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Well, another day and another message.

Further to my problem with the sat nav, it now works. I took my life in my hands and removed the box from the car, took the lid off and gave the lens a clean with a cotton bud, put it back together and back in the car and it's working well now.

Don't know how long this will be the case but, at least the clok is right now!!!

Thanks to all who reasd the last post. (sic)

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