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Hi There, I'm New To This Forum


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Hi folk, I'm new to this models in general. Always liked the Is200 but only got one few hours ago, swapped for my 2.2 Astra SRi ProDrive, and happily drove Lexus home.

Got IS200 Sport model, V reg, with 140k on the clock, I know its a high mileage one, but has Part S/H up to 100k miles, and I've herd from loads of people, Lexus/Toyota engines are bulletproof if not thrashed.

Just ordered myself a pollen filter, and planning to get K&N air filter (not the induction kit)

Not rushing for high power, just needing a good daily runner.

Will get pics when there is enough light outside ;)

I've been a vauxhall owner, since owning a redtop converted Tigra to three Astra Mk4's (one used as a project to put GSi/SRi-T engine in it, but never had time and then run out of money I was investing in it) then got myself a 2.2 SRi with prodrive, and few weeks later seen a diesel one for peanuts, so had three for a while. Started breaking the "project" and placed advert for a 2.2 as I had to travel 50 miles a day to work and back, after loads of MG's Fiesta/french crap Someone offered me an IS, so I went for it.


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Welcome to the forum... There's a few of us in Edinburgh as well...

Look forward to the pics :) Reliability won't be an issue as long as the cam belt changes are done to the service schedule (every 6 years/60k miles) so you probably have a wee bit yet before it'll need done.

I go back and forward to Livingston every day in mine, never been in a better driving car than the IS...

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I think I might actually do it, just in case...

will have a browse through the forum later on, to find out what is carried with a full service, like water-pump, oil pump, alternator/aircon belts and that sort of stuff just to make sure.

The car has MOT till feb 2012 and taxed for half a year, but I'd rather service it (I serviced all my vauxhalls myself before) to make sure

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here are the pics:







Not sure about those blue calipers though, I think I might actually paint them silver, to match the car

and the heatshields of the manifolds were taken off, so I'll give em a blast as well

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got some stuff of ebay ordered. Such as pollen filter, flat wiper-blades, got replacement steering wheel and hopefully a decent gearknob for a good price of £30 posted. Now looking on some hid-kits as well.

Need to sort out the Stereo (stuck CD's) and hopefully will meet my mate, who can read out any mistakes on it.

When I'll have weekend off, hopefully I'll polish it and get rear brakepads changed and some small bits and bobs done.

How hard is it to change the steering wheel btw?

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  • 3 months later...

not done much to it as of yet...

Soon to go to bodyshop to sort out the hole in the sill, and some other plans for it.

but here's a small photo update:

xenons, sport grill, private plate


LED speedo


my RX8 wheels



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