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Help On Is200

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Hi guys

Long time lurker of the forums, just registered because I have been having some issues lately with my '02 IS200.

I searched a bunch of posts/topics, and others have had similar problems, but couldn't find exactly the same.


Occasionally car will not start first time (10% of the time)

At low speed, off throttle, engine will cut out. Going through round-abouts is a perfect example, or pulling into a give way.

Car starts again straight away

Idles quite low, don't really know exactly, but I would assume approx. 500rpm from the gauge.

There is a little lag from accelerator to the car actually accelerating, maybe .5-1 second.

No warning lights at all to speak of.

Have recently had the oil and fluids done.

From my research it could be the plugs and I have a mechanic mate coming around to help me with new plugs this week (any particular replacement I should use??)

Other possible causes from what I have read:

Idle speed too low - Can I increase this myself, how?

Coil pack might need replacing.

Could be as simple as the fuel line?

Is there anything else you could suggest to me? I haven't had it plugged in, so I don't know if it has any other errors.

Cheers guys in advance.

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idle control valve could need attention, altho i'm by no means a mechanic, and don't even know if all cars have them lol, but i've heard the term idle control valve, and logic dictates that this is related to the control of idle speed?

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If a coil pack is faulty it usually throws a code, eml light.

Spark plugs could be an issue, take them out & check the condtion

I would advise to take out the thorttle body unit and give it a good scrub down with carb cleaner, made a huge differance on my is200.

And as rory said icv could need attention, this is on the thorttle body

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