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Xenon Light Upgrade - Please Help


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Looking to complete my final modification with some help from you guys here. Do you know if these lights at this link here are suitible for my is200:

i don't wan't to mess with things I have no idea about, will these just slot into the place of the old ones?

thank you

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Those aren't Xenon lights as in what you get with factory fit xenons or after market HID kits as they require ballast packs fitting for the xenons. These are just halogen bulbs with some Xenon gas in them and i would have thought would be similar to the philips bluevision style bulbs which still appear yellow compared to factory fit xenons or after market HID kits.



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i dont think they will make much diffrence to normal bulbs if you want better brighter light go fo HID, there are a few kits on ebay.

like dave said they wont be bright white light like cars that stock have Xenon, as they are HID,

if you get these bulbs expecting bright white light you will be disapointed, a mate got them thinking they would be like HIDs but they really no where near as bright .

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