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Lexus Is 200 Broken Down

mjb is200

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Hi im a new member please can anybody help

I have owned my lexus is200 sport navigator for around 3yrs now with no problems,Then i broke down the other day

I was driving along and it just cut out.It would start and run for a few secs but then cut out and it would,nt rev over 2k i had a recent service and a new coil fitted a couple of months ago.Its done 135k Full Lexus History



UPDATE:I had the car code read again and the code P-1300(igniter circuit fault bank #1)came up.

Will this code be stopping my car from starting and running and could anybody tell me what the part is so i can get the problem sorted

many thanks

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Sounds like a coil pack to me matey, did you replace all of them previously or just two?

hi m8 i only replaced 1 coil pack when it had a mis fire on cylinder 3 it ran fine again then few weeks later it broke down the car fires up then cuts out wont run at all not had it fixed yet very puzzling

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