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The Search Is On As I Sold My Merc

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Hey all.

My Merc sold today on eBay, and the buyer came straight away and brought cash. I just hope it's not fake!

Anyway I was after an IS200 due to budget but my neighbour has now offered me an Altezza for £900 for a quick sale. It's an auto and he has an R32 Golf.

What should I look for please, and though the IS will cost me no extra to change, what is the Altezza's insurance group.

Any advice MUCH appreciated.


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You're right if it's an AS, the Altezza's don't have the same level of sound proofing and such so aren't quite as refined as the Lexus version.

I really have no experience with an RS to comment to be honest, the downsides are that the 4cyl engine is not as refined as the 6 in the IS200, and it's quite a high revving engine with all the power at the top so you have to thrash it a bit (not that different to the IS200 in that respect).

I don't think running costs would be that different, insurance is the one that could be worse seeing as it's an import but again this depends on so many factors so probably a good idea to get a quote from a few insurers (including those that specialise in imports).

Easy way to tell if it's an RS or AS if it's an auto is that the RS has gearchange buttons on the steering wheel.

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I'm 30, married and now a clean license with 12 years no claims so IN THEORY should not have issues, though Sky have proved to be difficult. ha ha.

Some people are quoting me £800 for an IS, but Adrian Flux want no extra to change. result.

I think I will follow my head and go with the IS. If in the future I want more 'fun' I will either supercharge it or get a weekend toy.


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I haven't seen the dude, and besides I have decided to go for the IS200.

Quick question, how easy are the autos to live with. I had a 4sp Merc and the thought of another 4sp on 2011 is a little hard for me to get my head round.....BUT I might be wrong.

Can someone let me know what the auto is like?



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The auto is fine in terms of smoothness and it kicks down quick enough - but you need to drive one, the auto is a lot slower than the manual because you can't keep the engine in the power band (just over 4k revs) with only 4 gears and fuel economy isn't great either.

I know you mentioned £900 but depending on budget the IS300 is a much better choice if you want an auto.

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