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Body Roll....

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Ive recently purchased some new wheels and went for a 18x9" wide rears, now im having a problem with the body hitting the wheels. When i turn corners the body of my car rolls and started to ripe apart the rubber of my tyres. what things can be done to stop this happening? ive been told change the anti roll bars and suspension but will this have much affect?


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sounds like you have the wrong et on your wheels mate. i run 20" wheels with 8.5 on the front and 9 on the back with 225/30/20 tyres and have no problems at all and have the car down 40mm on tte springs so there must be something wrong with your et.


so i think check how bad it is by getting a few big guys in the back and see how bad it is. if you shopped them without help then sell them or roll your arches but if they were sold to you saying they would fit your car go back and complain till they replace them

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ah, yer i got them of a website that stated they would fit my car etc, but i guess not lol. yer might have to look into rolling the arches not sure if it would make a big difference tho? ive got my brothers to sit in the back and checked the gap and it all seems fine its only when going round corners and the shell has lots of play/lean.

nice alloys btw :)

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Fitting better anti roll bars might help, but it’s an expensive way to fix a problem you shouldn’t be having in the first place!

Definitely go back to the site that sold you the wheels and try to get your money back or correct offset wheels.


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