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Headlight Abs Question?


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Hi all, I've got a bit of a problem. with my is200

My headlights don't work. However if I flash my headlights/high beem from the switch the headlights stay on, untill I either unplug the headlight relay or unplug the wash headlight switch.

What I've found is the abs modual smells burnt.

Does the headlights run through this?

Would anyone have a wireing diagram for the headlights?

also, If it is the abs modual (abs works by the way) as mines a auto Are the manual ones diffrent?

I've read loads on this site already, but mines diffrent..

It's got my head done in abit :crybaby: , so all help is more than welcome


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I think it's usually a headlight relay problem when this happens - has the windscreen been replaced? This is a common problem if it isn't sealed properly, water gets in under it into the fusebox and stuff.

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Hi, It isn't the relay though this time

problem is, is that the relay doesn't have a feed from the switch (even though the switch is working)

although if you flash the main beem, the relay gets a feed and keeps the headlights on.

I'm almost sure it's this abs box, but i just wanted someone to confirm it before i splashed out :lookaround:

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