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Soon To Be Is200 Owner !

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Hey guys, my names Rich, im 27 and from Bristol. Im a petrol head and have had various cars over the years including Alfa 156 V6 24v, some jap stuff like civics, some modded, some not etc. I currently drive a 57 civic type S 2.2 CDTI as a daily, and have my pride and joy MK1 golf cabby as a summer / weekend toy which comes out to play March - August.

However the civic is soon to go back as its a company car on a 4 year Lease, and now i have to go onto a car allowance rather then being provided with a company car. My plan is to buy my Dad's lexus IS200 SE Aero from him, as he is changing his car this week and i have always liked the IS200 so seems like a great opportunity.

So here's the car, to my knowledge is a IS200SE with the aero kit and wheels factory fitted, 2.0 petrol AUTO, its got 2 owners with FSH, and only 50,000 miles! its a 2003 and i think the colour combination of blue exterior paint on cream half leather, with the subtle kit really set if off.

So i do have a few questions:

(1) - What would you guys say its worth, when i look about they can start at 2k or less and then for a later one like £4500 + ?

(2) - the stereo linked to CD changer (standard lexus one) is not working, i think its a problem with the volume or on button, i got a sense this is a common fault,how much are new standard head units, and do they come up for sale on here time to time ?

(3) - What sort of MPG can i expect from the 2.0 petrol auto ?

(4) - what do you rekon ? good example ? mileage good ? desirable ?

Thanks guys, sorry for all the questions, just wanted to ask them whilst in my head, look forward to maybe meeting some of you if you do meets and shows etc in the future, here's a few pics of the motors





and the lexus which should be mine by the end of the weekend :-)



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Sorry, can't help much with questions on Auto MPG, SE worth etc, but getting the Aero kit is definitely the way forward :winky:

As for the stereo, there's no real need to get a new one as pleny pop up on eBay, or a breakers, it's just making sure you don't have the dreaded Error 3 (or 1). I believe they are fixable, but the money involved makes it not really worth it. Mine has started playing up a bit but I just plug my Iphone in to it these days.... problem solved! (ish).

The car iself looks tidy from the pics, but you needn't worry too much about that as they're bullet-proof if maintained well. I'll keep an eye out for you round Bristol B)

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If it's your dad's car I think you'd be a better judge than us as to whether it's a good example! :P

Seriously though looks a very tidy car, mine's very similar (same colour, bodykit, auto but has satnav and is on an 02 plate) and I was offered £4.5k by my Lexus dealer in p/ex a few months ago.

So I'd £4.5k is probably a reasonable price, but again if it's your dad I'm sure you can come to some agreement :)

The IS200 is not a great car on fuel, and the autos are even worse, as well as being quite slow. The box itself is a good one, but it's not a fast or economical car. I average about 23mpg, if mainly town driving don't really get better than 21mpg, although I'm not that gentle with the throttle pedal :whistling:

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lol, cheers guys and Garthy i will keep an eye out for you in Bristol.

Didnt realise how bad the MPG would be, but knew it would be less then the 40-50 i get out of my diesel civic at the mo.

Dad is going to give it to me for a good price / family rates put it that way :-)

Im gona refurb wheels and give it a full detail when i get it, then put some pics up.

Gona see how i go with fuel consumption otherwise might have to be up for sale in 6 months or so in favour of a diesel again, something like a BMW 520D M Sport .....

See how i go with lexus though as love the car and colour combination :-)

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