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Engine Noise At Low Revs

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Heard the noise several times to the point its geting anoying now, at low revs 2-3k a high pitched sqeaking kind of noise is coming from the drivers side or when the engine is under presure so going up the hill in a high gear it can also be heard? Just wanderd what the possibilitys are its a 2001 with 113k on it.


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still doing this sound its been doing it for a while now, its when the car is reached half way on the temptreature so running and it happens around 2-3k lower end of the revs and when more revs applied the sound disappears,

any ideas would be very very gratefull

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Water pump, Alternator, tensioner. Get a loooooooooooong screwdriver, with the engine running and noise apparent (get someone to sit with foot on throttle and hand away from horn if more revs needed), place pointy end(?) of screw driver on each ancillary and put ear to handle. the source of the noise will become obvious. Cheaper than buying specialised stethoscope same results.


Oh and for god sake don't get the screwdriver caught in a belt or pulley! it does happen! :D

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