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Offset Of My Wheels


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Im having a bit of trouble with my rear wheels, i recently changed them to a 18x9 with an ET of 40. But im having trouble with the wheels poking out my arch and everytime i hit a bump or turn a corner the arch cuts away at my tyres due to the body roll of the car.

Does anyone know if these are the right fitment as im being told that 9"wide wheels can fit under the arch with out any problems. If not what ET should i have/go for?



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Yeah, i did read through that link/post and couldnt see much on 9j's...maybe i missed something :unsure: just wanna know really what the reckonmended offset is? an yeah currently have 8j on the front and tthey are fine

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9" does fit but may need a bit of arch modification and not sure if you'd need to run a slightly lower offset (have I got that the right way round?)

Either way I think Ormi will know the answer to this, so might be worth sending him a PM (if he hasn't seen this thread)

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a way round your problem is to change the width of the tyre what width are you running?

et36 with a 9 inch rim no chance im running et35 and a 8 inch rim and running a 215 tyre...

so what size of tyre are you running before i recomend anything...

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