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Sc430 Exhaust Tips


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One of the chrome exhaust tips on my wife's SC430 has fallen off - not in the local vicinity either, unfortunately, so it's gone for good. Does anyone have any guidance for purchasing replacement tips? There's a myriad of choices on eBay etc., but not knowing much about cars, I'd really appreciate a few pointers.

Many thanks,


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Post on here, when you've found some and the price... if you can. I reversed into something at some point and dented one of mine.... would like to replace.

last time I needed parts, I ordered from Lexus down in Poole ( i think it wasy ) 20% discount.... which was handy

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yep... still have the NSX. it's a 2003 IOP ( Orange ) targa. Was thinking about selling it and set a date of this august.... but after driving it the last couple weeks, falling in love with the drive again. pretty darn awesome car.

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I just replaced the whole back box with straight pipes. Custom made s/s with nice oval tips. £230 from my local Zorstec.

I also have lost one of the tips, which has damaged the tail-pipe at the same time so I am thinking of replacing the back box and pipes together - do you have any pictures you can post of yours?

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