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New Shiny Manual Gear Knob


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Send a PM to ACLex (Lexus parts manager) on here, he can sort you out with an OEM new one for not too many pennies (think repeat THINK they're about £40 odds)

My own is a custom one though :D Mine was scratched to death, so I needed something nicer. Looks like this:


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Hi mate,

Having had my Is200 since 2002 I went through about 4 OEM gearknobs, all of which worn down over a year or so and it used to drive me crazy.... until I found this on ebay:

It is just like the OEM one only it's a SOLID polished stainless steel gear knob... It feels miles highter quality the the OEM one and costs about the same (I paid £39 inc. pnp). It's a direct replacement for the original and is easy to fit, just unscrew old one and screw on the new one.

The biggest bonus is that id does not wear as it is made from solid steel rather than just plastic coated in a thin layer of silver like the OEM one.

They come on ebay from time to time but the guy who sells them is on here (not sure who) I just messaged him through ebay.


Ps. Fantastic 'custom' version you got there Dave, whats that made using??

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The custom one was machined from a solid billet of stainless steel, and the top piece was etched with the symbol I wanted. There were a few other options in the group buy for the top piece, and it is available in both automatic and manual versions (since the thread size is different between the two in the IS).

Feels fairly weighty and solid, as you might imagine!

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