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Low Power Under 2200 Rpm

Pablo Miami

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Hello guys,

I am new on this forum. At the first my english is not perfect, so I am sorry about that.

I have Lexus IS220d, 180 000km. Cold start OK, warm start OK, Engine no takes any fluid, but ...

Car have very very low power under 2000 (maybe 2200 rpm) and after looks good. In our Lexus service everything looks good. EGR is clean, DPF working good, 5th injector working good, no error in computer.

Do you know what should be my problem? I love this car, but this is terrible.. :-(

If the motor have operating temperature, sometimes I feel little twitch about 1800 - 2000 rpm , but it happens when motor have operating temperature. :-(

Thank you, Pavel.

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This is normal for diesel engines with a single turbo. The turbo does kick in a bit late on the IS, but you need to change your driving style to adapt to it (i.e. try to keep the car around the 2000 rpm to avoid the lag). It is not so appreciable on the Sport model due to the shorter gear ratios.

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and twitch about 1800 - 2000 rpm? and my consuption is about 12 l/100 km .. i think is realy high.. (in city) . I have today consuption on 700 km far way about 9.5 l/100 km, my avarage speed was 150 km/h .. is it ok? I had Volvo V50 before this lexus, 2.0 diesel, 100 kW and consuptiom was about 6.5L/100km .. Lexuse have more power and better Qx ..

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Hello Paolo.


- IS220D model before Sport model (expecially 2006, 2007 models) has big turbolag and long gears, so very poor response under 2000 rpm: install a "Sprintbooster" (from "Boulekous Dynamics", easy and fast, money well spent) and the problem will be solved. After 1 day u run with it and shut it down, the car seems simply broken ;)

- your car drinks a lot of fuel because has a 5th injector that sprit fresh fuel into exaust manifold, comanded from ECU, to make regeneration of DPNR filter and not only (periodic regenerations, sprit comanded from Lambda gauge, etc...). To solve this problem more complicated but possible: look in the topic "smoking diesel".

NB: the funny thing in this turbodiesel is that more u take out power, less it consume fuel ;) if u install a chip tuning for example, u will increase power and decrease consumptions.

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Your car has 180000 Km, they are not at first i could take a look to debimeter (also called MAF sensor) it's situated near the airbox. Some brands of car (i don't know about Lexus) suggest to check and eventually replace this delicated valve after 90000 Km; it's a very fragile incandescent metallic wire which read, and convert in electric signal for the ECU, the amount of air passing through it. It's very fragile. If it don't work properly it can send errate signals to ECU that should think to sprit more fuel to compensate the big amount of air that ECU suppose to pass....even if it's not passing throuhg MAF.

After this, if nothing change i should consider hyphotesis to remove DPNR filter, close EGR, let the car run clean and without gas recyrculation, as i told u above. This is the final solution.

Anyway in my personal experience with this car, everything could be OK, nothing broken, but the stock car is proned to have high consumptions...many owners of IS220D can confirm u this.

Remember that DPNR filter presence is also connected with risks to destroy the motor for establishing mixes of fuel/oil due to faulty regeneration of filter in the basement of the engine. I suggest u to control very often oil level and see if it increase suddenly...bad signal.

Let this car run clean, withot EGR and filter, is expensive depend on what u want to do with your car....if u want to keep it for some other years...or sell it...

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