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Stereo Issues On 98 Ls 400

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hi all

have just bought a 98 ls 400 and i love the car but i have one niggly problem with the stereo the audio control knob has stopped working it works to press in but wont adjust any of the balance settings and the stereo is currently set fully to the front which i feel is a bit of waste.

is their a way i can reset the stereo i.e dissconnect the Battery and if i do so will this set the balance back to the middle and could this cause me any other issues?

many thanks shaun

ps what an amazing car

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Mines a 98 , so i guess yours is also a mk4 (possibly a late registered mk3?).

havent used my radio for a year or so (replaced it) , but I am pretty sure the balance & fade is done on the touch screen rather than a knob.

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A while since I had my 400 but, as above, the settings are controlled through the touchscreen. Is there a ''SOUND'' touch button when the audio screen is displayed? If so, press that and that should take you to a display controlling the Bass, Treble, Front and Rear. I'm sure the 'Knob' only controls the On/Off and volume, but as I said, It's been a while.

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To adjust the fader, balance, bass and treble, you have to press in the "audio control" button opposite the volume and then the settings appear on the screen. Turning the knob will adjust the highlighted function, pressing it again will move onto the next.

AFAIK, if the button is inopersative, there is no other way of making the adjustments.



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